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Essential Home Security Tips For Yakima

May 31, 2021
Vivint home security in Yakima

Even if you consider your neighborhood a safe place to live, there are various steps you can take to improve the security of your home. After all, a break-in might go on whenever the opportunity strikes. Fortunately, it requires just a little effort to improve the security of your residence.

Explore and implement these home security tips in Yakima to put your mind at ease.

Yakima home security tip #1 maintain your property

Thieves tend to hide in dark or overgrown areas where a curious onlooker isn’t able to see. Keep your exterior illuminated at night and reduce opportunities to find places to hide. Cut down the bushes and hedges by your windows to prevent your view from being blocked. There’s a greater likelihood of detecting possible burglars in Yakima when neighbors can see your entry points from the street.

Check the perimeter of your home to see areas that might not get enough light. Deck and garage areas are sensible spots to install lighting with motion detectors. Solar lights can illuminate a walkway. You might consider using integrated smart lighting in your exterior areas, so they will activate if one of your connected home security devices detects an intrusion.

Yakima home security tip #2 don’t forget to lock up

Following a hectic day in your busy life, do you remember if doors are locked? How often have you got up from bed and noticed the front door wasn’t locked? Or came home from a nice night out with the garage standing wide open?

You can make things easier on yourself with an advanced locking system. You can enable your doors to activate at the same time every evening or to automatically lock less than a minute after the lock was opened. By using your powerful mobile home security app, you can confirm if your doors are locked. Stop leaving the key under your welcome mat. Rather, program custom entry codes and receive instant notifications when they are unlocked. You can even get a sensor that updates your smartphone when you forget to shut the garage door.

Yakima home security tip #3 stay prepared for any disaster

A break-in is just one type of threat you need to consider. Defend against fire, flood, or a carbon monoxide leak with smart detection alarm systems. You probably have a run-of-the-mill smoke detector installed already, but fire alarms connected to your home security will likely accelerate emergency response when there’s a problem. For instance, your monitoring agents and can alert the fire department while you focus on getting your family out of the house and to a safer location.

Senior woman setting Vivint alarm

Yakima home security tip #4 get an home security system

Getting a smart home security system works in conjunction with other home security tips for Yakima. You can easily manage your integrated alarms, lights, and locking systems with a single easy to use app. You can then link all your components together and let them work in unison.

If an alarm does trigger, your monitoring experts will take charge. They'll quickly contact you to confirm your family is safe, then call emergency services. For your peace of mind, your house will be protected even when you’re not there. The monitoring team stays at the ready at any time, 365 days per year.

Yakima home security tip #5 know your neighbors

Always let a neighbor know when you leave for vacation and have them check your home periodically. On the rare occasion there is a problem, they can act as contact person until you come home. Swap keys personally or customize a door code if you have a smart lock. Of course, you should be willing to help them in the future.

Make your home more secure with advanced home security from Vivint

Your entry locks, lights and alarms can all be served through an advanced home security system from Vivint. Take the first step by calling today, and a Vivint representative will begin the process of designing the perfect smart home system for your unique situation. Place a phone call to (509) 790-6958 or complete the form on this page today.